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Stars and Sprinkles and the Dream Globe Project is privately funded by a mother-son team as a not for profit project to empower children and help them reach their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy Is Simple...

Every child is unique, is a mystery and has a passion for something. It is our job as caretakers of our future generations to help them fulfill their potential. Listen closely to each child’s likes and interests. Provide them with opportunities to explore their dreams so they will walk in life with intention, purpose and have confidence in their ability to succeed. n Expose them to a variety of lessons and workshops n Connect them to a hero they look up to and people who share their dream and have walked in those shoes n Visit centers, museums and places that inspire their dreams and show them how they too can do that n Ask them to write out the steps to acheive their dream. All paths are enhanced with college and hands-on experience n Success is acheived when we plan to suceed

While Our Website is Being Revamped..

Contact us directly with a phone call like the old fashion days or by email :) 917.779.9925 geraldine AT starsandsprinkles DOT org If you are looking for festival photos or want us to keep in touch, please email us with mailing list or photos in subject line.



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